Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Facebook Leak

So I was thinking... when Jake and I decide to tell everyone else that we're pregnant and we start talking about it on Facebook, that I'm not just going to make a status about it, I'm going to hint it towards everyone and see how long it takes for them to guess. You know how each week they say your baby is the size of 'x' food?! Well each week I'm going to make my profile picture a picture of the food that's relative to the baby's size that week. I wonder how long it'll take people to guess? I thought this was a cute idea. And if no one gets it after a couple weeks then maybe my status will be something like, "I'm starting early on baking Christmas cookies!"

What do you think? Cute ideas or will no one get it?

EDIT: I hate how Jake's gone and if I'm craving something from a restaurant that I can't go sit down by myself. If I do then I'll seem like I don't have friends. I'm going to make a shirt that says "Don't ask, I'm pregnant!" so people won't question if I'm a loner or not. And then in a couple weeks I'll make another shirt that says "I'm not fat, I'm pregnant!" and just wear that everywhere I go. I'll make it in 10 different colors so I won't have to do laundry very often. This seems like a fool-proof plan.


  1. Dear little Raspberry,

    I know you have grown this week to a big raspberry and are getting cuter by the minute! I like mommy's food-size idea to guess your true identity.

    There have sure been more people try and guess if you will be a boy or girl?. Only you know for now!

    Love you, Nana

  2. Think that is a great idea with the food size. Good thing I'm on the inside,, I may not have gotten it!! :) Love you Leese

  3. lol i was wondering why there was a kiwi the other day in your profile picture!! =)