Friday, May 20, 2011

9 weeks!!

Some days I feel like time is flying by and other days it seems like time is just creeping along. It's really nice days like today where I can't wait to take baby out for walks and push him in his stroller and have everyone 'ohhh and ahhh' over him  :)

At 9 weeks all of baby's organs are formed and his eyelids are completely formed and fused shut until week 27. All 4 chambers of the heart are formed and his heart valves are also in place. He is about an inch long and weighs less than an ounce, think of him like the size of a grape this week.

You know how sometimes they say the dad can have a "sympathy pregnancy"? Well Jake definitely has it!! It's so funny because he'll tell me about how he craves certain food items or he's really tired. I think it's cute he's still so connected even though he's on the other side of the country.

My first appointment is Tuesday. I'm so anxious and excited and nervous all at the same time. I really hope they try to find the heartbeat. Being pregnant so far has just been a surreal experience. Since I can't feel him/her move inside me sometimes you forget you're pregnant but hearing the heartbeat will just bring everything more into reality. I'm sure I'll cry like a baby when I hear it.

Baby sure is growing rapidly in my belly. Here's a pic I took this morning. I take all these pics as soon as I wake up, so before any breakfast or drinks. I need to buy a scale and see how much weight I gain or lose each week. I'm sure I've gained a couple pounds by now. They say you should gain between 1-5 pounds the first trimester but girls' weights fluctuate so much day by day even without pregnancy so  it's kind of hard to tell.

In other news, many of you know that Jake is trying to get in the MECEP program through the Marine Corps. That's where he pretty much gets paid to go to school and get a degree. He can go to any university with ROTC and we're hoping he can start school August 2012, which is when I'll also be going back to school. So we're thinking it'd be nice to move close to home for 4 years and be close to family for as long as we can before we'd have to move back to CA. So with that said, we're going to be applying to KU for the Fall 2012 semester. There are a lot of different things that have to fall into place for this to work, but for now this is our plan. And this way we can come to all the holidays and we can visit family more often and everyone can see baby grow up in person rather than through pictures and videos.

I think this post is long enough. I'll update everyone on Tuesday after my doctor's appointment.

Love you all!
Mommy, Daddy and Baby L


  1. I havent seen food refrences in your FB lately,, nothing about grapes

  2. That's because a few people had asked me if I was pregnant when I was talking about eating those oranges and watermelon and such. I won't start referencing the food on FB for at least another week. We're thinking about starting to tell everyone after our first ultrasound to make sure everything is going okay. I'm not sure if I can hold off until June 10 when my second trimester begins!