Saturday, March 29, 2014

Another Month Down

Once again, I'm terrible about updating the blog. It's been another month, so at least that means we are a month closer to moving back home! Hooray!!

The biggest change since my last post is that we received all of our furniture. It arrived mid March, after Jake had left on his DET so it was left up to me to unpack it all with the crazy kiddos running around. So for literally 48 hours straight all I did was unpack boxes, break them down and take them down to the garbage room. It was extremely exhausting, but I did it! I don't know how, but I did it! Our apartment feels more like home now that we have our own things. The only thing I haven't unpacked is Jake's big screen tv. I'm not taking responsibility for that thing if it breaks so it'll wait until Jake comes back home! Jaxon didn't seem to really recognize our furniture at all. My best friend was watching Jaxon while the movers brought everything into our apartment. When Jaxon came back to our own place the first thing he saw was his red tricycle so he rode it around all day long. (He still doesn't know how to use the pedals, but he's getting close.)

As I mentioned earlier, Jake left for a DET. He'll be returning home in a couple weeks. The kids and I have been going crazy without him. I really can't take Jaxon too many places because he just runs away. We've explored a nearby park that is absolutely amazing, but Jaxon throws a big fit when we have to leave.

We've been working on potty training Jaxon since we arrived. He's done so well! We only wear diapers during naptime and bedtime now. He does like to run around in the nude all day long though and when he does have clothes on he'll tell you he needs to go potty just so you take his clothes off. He's something else!

Eva can sit up like a big girl. She has it mastered! She still has yet to roll over from her back to her belly even though we practice everyday. And she has no interest in trying to crawl either. Since we got our furniture I've been trying to get her to sleep in her crib but that is proving to be very difficult. Jaxon won't let me be alone with Eva for longer than 5 minutes before he starts screaming for me, waking Eva up and then we're back to square one. So that's something else we'll be waiting to continue until Jake gets back home.

Eva has been trying new foods, though. She's eaten avocado, broccoli, peas, sweet potato, carrot, banana and spinach. She's doing really well with all these new foods and seems to like them all so far.

I have 18 credits left until I finally graduate with my Bachelors Degree! I'm so excited that I almost can't believe it. It has been such a long, hard road. If they offer enough summer classes, I'll be graduating in December. I'm planning on applying to Arizona State University's graduate program and hopefully, if accepted, will begin this time next year. I'll be getting my Masters in Education Curriculum and Instruction in Applied Behavior Analysis. After it is all said and done, I'll hopefully be providing therapy for military children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. PS- did you hear that it's now affecting 1 in 68 kids in the United States?

Jaxon has an evaluation April 1. They're mainly evaluating his speech to see if he needs to continue speech therapy, but they'll also be looking for other delays as well. I'll keep you posted what they say. I'm 90% sure they will advise us to continue speech.

There's just a quick update on us. We'll be going out to explore the island a lot more when Jake is actually here and can help me manage the kids. I can't wait to check out the beaches. It's beginning to get hot. For example, today was 79 degrees with 70% humidity. In the summer it'll be in the 90s with 90% humidity. As my friend put it, it's hotter than Hades in Okinawa.

I'll add a couple pictures now that I have uploaded a few to my computer. Enjoy! Love and miss you guys!!