Saturday, December 1, 2012

11.5 Months

Happy December, everybody! Can you believe this time last year we were all anxiously awaiting the arrival of little baby Jaxon? Boy does time fly!

Jaxon is 11.5 months old now. I forgot to update a couple weeks ago when he turned 11 months. I did weigh him on the 14th and he was 22lbs exactly. I'm not sure how tall he is, but I still don't think he's grown any taller. This will be something we'll discuss with his pediatrician at his 1 year well-baby checkup. Jaxon absolutely loves talking now. You will hardly ever have a peaceful moment unless he's getting into something he's not supposed to. He still calls everything "dada" but he's back to saying "ya" and "hi". I swear he's never going to say "mama"! Jaxon enjoys walking his toys around the house and rearranging furniture. He's currently pushing the dining room chairs around. He's so silly! His new found love is the keyboard. He loves to play away and press all the keys to make music. We've gotten Jaxon to stand a few times on his own. If he has his hands occupied, like holding onto food, he will stand for about 10 seconds on his own. I still think he's a ways from walking, but that's just fine with me. He's as perfect as can be and I can't believe in less than 2 weeks he'll be ONE!!!! That makes this Mommy sad.  :(

I'm not sure if many of you know, but I fell down the stairs a week ago. I was carrying Jaxon and the dogs hit my leg and the perfect moment and it sent Jaxon and I tumbling down. Luckily, I was able to hold onto Jaxon really well and he didn't get hurt. The same does not go for me. I believe I broke my tailbone in the fall. I haven't been able to sit all week without being in excruciating pain. I can't get down on the floor and crawl around with Jaxon which is what I miss most. I can't workout at the gym because it gets really sore if I walk and I can't sit to do any machines either. Overall, it's a really crappy unfortunate deal. Everything I've read says it takes months to heal and even years after the incident people still have troubles sitting for long periods of time. I feel about 50 years older than my actual age right now. To make matters worse, on Thursday I had my nursing entrance exam which entailed a one hour of essay writing and 3.5 hours of testing. That was a lot of sitting, but luckily the instructor let me bring in a boppy pillow to sit on. Okay, enough of my pity party...

My entrance exam was Thursday! The thing I've been looking forward to and dreading for the last several months. Well I'm happy to report that I did really well! My essay was great, but I won't ever receive the score I got on it. A committee of teachers will each read the essay and grade it and that score is part of my overall score to get accepted into nursing school. After the essay was the test. I had purchased a book that had 5 practice TEAS tests in it. I did the first one without studying and I scored horribly! After a day of studying I did a second test and got a whole 12% better. Then stupidly, I didn't look at the book for a month and picked it up a few days before my test date. I did the other 3 practice tests and didn't score near what I liked. I studied hard the night before my exam date and took my notes to class. The test was all online. The first section was reading- which I knew I did well because I always scored high during the practice tests. Next was math. I thought I was doing really well during it too, because I'd always calculate an answer and it was one of the given multiple choices. The third section was science. This is my forté, so I thought I didn't really need to worry about it. Boy, was I wrong! They asked me questions about things I remember learning about but of course they were buried so deep in my brain that I couldn't remember. For example, it asked me about the retention of water in the renal nephrons and what was the process called that brings the water back... umm... umm... C? I recognized all the possible answers, but I couldn't recall which one was correct. It was questions like this that left me stumped. The final section of the test was English. I'm really good at grammar (even if it doesn't show in my blog) and spelling so that was pretty easy as well. I'll tell you what though, my heart has NEVER pounded so hard in my chest than it did the moment I submitted my test and my grade was loading. Of course it took the computer a full minute to load, too, so I thought for sure I was going to have a heart attack. Then it popped up, 88%! Holy cow! I did it! I know with that score I won't have a problem getting accepted into the nursing program. The printout I received with my results on it said the national average for this test is 64.3%. The average for the people who get into this specific nursing program is 70.6%. I mean, come on, it's in the bag! I won't find out for sure if I'm accepted until mid-January, but I have a good feeling about it.

As you all know, when one thing goes right in my family, something must go wrong. Yesterday, Friday, while Jake was at work he text me the words that I was not expecting. "We got web orders to Japan. We check in there on August 14, 2013." Wow! That's all I could say. The higher ups in Jake's unit don't want Jake and his friend, James, to go to Japan because they are great assets to the shop. So up the chain of command went one person talking to the next, trying to get Jake and James to stay in the shop. The last stop is the monitor. He is the one who ultimately decides their fate. Well, we will find out Monday what he decides, but as of right now it's not looking too good. We researched our base yesterday and tried to find information about housing, vehicles, pets, etc... We won't find out much until we know for sure whether we're going or not, but we don't think we can take a car, we can't take our dogs, we can't take a lot of our furniture because housing is much smaller there. After the initial shock set it, and I got to think about it all, I don't think it's the worst thing in the world. Yes, it was terrible timing with my school. I won't get to go to nursing school now. Yes, we'll be on the other side of the WORLD for 3 years. Yes, we just bought a house and will have to rent it out. But after all that, I think it'll be a great learning experience. This will probably be my only opportunity to see Asia. Jaxon is young and he won't be taken out of school and away from his friends. I've always wanted to experience another culture and compare the American way of life to everyone else's. I won't be going alone, my friend Sarah will also be going with her baby Holleigh. Overall, I'm not completely upset about it. I knew something like this would happen eventually, my husband IS in the Marine Corps for goodness sake! We'll probably fly home once or twice while we're there, so you won't miss out on Jaxon and everyone will just have to get a Skype account so we can see each other often. And who knows, maybe all this freaking out is for nothing and Jake's monitor will say that he can stay in the unit and they can find a replacement to go to Japan. Hurry up and wait, that's the Marine Corps motto.

On a better note, we'll be home soon to see you all. We'll be celebrating Jaxon's first birthday there. Just an FYI, if you read this, we messed up on the invitations. It says the party is Sunday. It's really Saturday. The date is correct, the day of the week is not. You'd think staring at these invites for a week that I'd realize the mistake, but apparently not. I hope you all can come!

I probably won't update until after we come back to San Diego from KC. I'll have pictures from our visit and Jaxon's first birthday!

We can't wait to see you all
Alycia, Jake and Jaxon

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Just a Minute to Brag

I just wanted to take a moment and brag about how smart my boy is! Jaxon has been saying 'dada" nonstop now for at least three weeks. He says 'baba' and 'dada' but it's amazing that he knows WHO dada is even though Jake has been gone for the last three weeks. We have pictures in our staircase of Jake, I and the family. Every single time we go up or down the stairs Jaxon points at a couple pictures with Jake in them and says 'dada'! And he puts his finger right on Jake's body or his face when he says it. I'll have to try and video record it sometime so you can see how smart he is! When Jax and I picked Jake up yesterday Jaxon was all smiles and started saying dada right away! It melted my heart. :)

Another thing to add to my list of things to brag about is this:

Jax and I were playing with the tennis ball about a week ago and he accidentally rolled it under the chair. He bent down, looked under the chair to see if he could see it. He reached his little arm underneath as far as he could, but couldn't quite get the ball. To my amazement, he sat up, turned around the crawled to this white Wii baseball bat. He grabbed it, took it over to the chair, stuck it under the couch and swung it back and forth and hit the ball from under the chair (with a little spotting help from Leila). I swear, I didn't give him any hints as to how to do that, I don't think he's even seen me do that before. When I finally realized what he was doing, I had to grab the camera to capture this because I knew no one would believe me. We have a mini Albert Einstein on our hands!

And lastly, Jaxon figured out how to fit through Leila's hole in the baby gate so now he just tries to climb up the stairs any chance he gets. He's so sneaky!!

Here are some pictures I took of Jaxon when he turned 10 months old and a little before then since I've been slacking on adding photos. I'll add some later of Halloween and Jaxon painting his pumpkin, which we're doing tonight!!  :)

I am 10 months old!!!

He seriously has the prettiest blue eyes ever!

Hope you all enjoyed the update! Talk to you soon! Love you!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

10 Months Old

Jaxon has turned 10 months old today. Can you believe only two months until it is his first birthday? Has it flown by so quickly for everyone else? I can't believe God gave us such a perfect baby boy last December!

Jaxon has learned so much since my last post in September. He claps, waves bye-bye, and points with his index finger at things he wants. He gets into everything in the house! One of his favorite things is to open up the pantry and take out all the food on the bottom two shelves. He also opens up the bottom drawer in the kitchen that has plastic baggies and he dumps them all out. He crawls as fast as lightning when you open the refrigerator. He is just too silly. My mom bought him a toy that he can stand up and walk behind. He cruises around the house pushing that thing everywhere. He can even turn corners with it! I'm not sure how tall Jaxon is this month but I weighed him yesterday and he weighs 21 lbs 6 oz.

Jaxon has moved past all the baby foods and is now eating big boy food. I pretty much give him whatever I make for dinner and cut it up into super small pieces for him to chew. He's pretty good at feeding himself. He's a mess whether you use a spoon to feed him or he picks it up himself, so I figured I might as well let him practice self-feeding. I haven't found a food that he didn't like. I even gave him a slice of a lemon at a restaurant and he LOVED it! He didn't even make a sour face. He kept trying to crawl across the table to finish it off.

He now has 6 teeth. 4 on top, two on bottom and I'm pretty sure he's working on #7 (a lower tooth). I brush his teeth every night during bath time. He loves to play with his toothbrush and cries when you take it away from him.  Speaking of bath time, it is Jaxon's favorite time of the day! That boy could splash,play and shrivel up to a complete prune if I let him.

He still isn't sleeping through the night. We were down to waking up only once, usually around 4 am, but then the past week and a half his night wakings have increased to 2-3 times/ night. One day Jaxon and I will get a full nights rest!

Jake has been in Yuma since early September. He's due back soon though and he'll be here just in time for Halloween! I'm so glad he'll be able to go trick or treating with us. Jaxon is dressing up as Mickey Mouse, a costume a friend let us borrow. Jaxon's girlfriend, Holleigh, is going as Minnie Mouse. I'll be sure to post pictures of those two!

My mom was able to visit for a week and a half earlier and we had fun going to the San Diego Zoo and up to Los Angeles. My dad and Debi also came to visit a couple weeks later and we went to Balboa Park and to the Safari Park. I'm really glad they were able to come visit us! We miss them all already.

Jake and I do have some news for everyone though. There is a chance we will be stationed in Okinawa, Japan as soon as Summer 2013. Nothing is for sure yet, and things in the military change everyday, let alone months in advance. There is a unit in Japan that still has the old helicopters and they'll be transitioning to the new ones (Jake's current helicopter) soon. They need guys who have certain qualifications with the new helicopters to help teach the other members of the unit. Well, Jake has almost all the qualifications he can get in his job, he's actually over-qualified for what the new unit is requesting. Since Jake just reenlisted, he has enough time left on his contract to go to Okinawa. As of right now, the new unit just needs names of people who could potentially go and since Jake fit the mold of what they're needing his name got put on the list. So much can happen in the next 8 months though, so we aren't counting on going. We think our names are on the list more as "place holders" until someone else comes along that can take the spot. Jake and I have discussed being stationed outside of the country before, because that is a reality when you're a part of the military. We always said if we were to do it that the best time would be when the kids are younger so we weren't taking them out of school and away from friends. We'd have to rent out our house and we aren't sure if we can take the dogs with us or not, so that's another hurdle we'll have to consider. We would be stationed over there for 3 years I think it is. Once the 3 years is up we'd come right back to the unit we're currently with. It'll definitely be a HUGE change and it'll really stink being away from family for so long. The only good thing is that they have military flights called Space A where military members, even dependents can fly for free on military aircraft. It's different than scheduling a reservation with Southwest airlines, if you're going home as a "vacation" you're the lowest priority for boarding the plane. You have to be extremely flexible with your departure and arrival dates because you could be bumped off the list if someone else needs that spot. At least it is free, so you can't complain too much. As for my schooling, I'm not sure what I'll do if we are chosen to go the Japan. I'm not sure if I would have to "settle" for an online degree instead of pursuing nursing like I really want to. There are colleges over there but so far with my (little amount) research the colleges don't offer any healthcare related degrees, mostly general ones like accounting, business, etc... But as Jake always tells me, don't stress about it because we aren't even sure if we're going, let alone when we're going.

We are still unsure if we'll be home for the holidays this year. It's still up in the air, but I'll be sure to spread the word as soon as we find out.

Here are some videos of Jaxon:
Jaxon Misses Daddy
Jaxon using his walker
Jaxon has never laughed so hard!

We love and miss you all and hopefully we get to see you soon!

Jake, Alycia and Jaxon

Sunday, September 16, 2012

9 months old

Sweet baby Jaxon is now 9 months old and taking over the house! He is so small, but yet has the biggest personality! He loves to practice pulling himself up on all the furniture: coffee table, couch, chairs, toys, drawers, you name it he's probably done it. He will pull himself up, sit down and then pull himself right back up. He can stand for a good amount of time, well over a minute, if he wants to. His legs are getting so strong! His two top lateral incisors have finally cut through the gums so we now officially have 6 teeth total, and I am pretty sure another one is going to be coming soon. I also have one very chatty little man. He loves to babble all day long. He does this silly thing where he almost whispers and goes through all the consonants he knows and adds "a" at the end of them. For example, he'll whisper, "da, ba, pa, ca" over and over again. The one word he definitely knows how to say is "hey". You can say "Hey Jaxon!" and he'll say hey back. It's the cutest thing. He's talked to Jake a couple times on the phone and when Jake starts taking Jaxon will say hey to him. Jaxon has also learned how to clap and loves to practice doing that as well too. His 9 month pediatrician appointment is on Tuesday, so I'll update this to let you all know how much he weighs and his length.

My mom came out to visit for a little over a week. We had a great time going to the San Diego Zoo and up to Los Angeles to the wax museum and walking around Rodeo Drive. She bought Jaxon a toy that he can pull up and try to push around the house. He's taken 1-2 steps by himself already!! I was hoping Jaxon would wait to walk until Jake was back home in November, but it's looking like he might have his own plans.

Jaxon's separation anxiety is not getting any better. I can't even walk to the kitchen without him fussing and following me. The poor little man can't control his emotions and thinks everything is such a travesty. It's very hard to see him get so upset, but I know it is just a phase and soon he won't even want to hang out with Mom anymore so I'm enjoying this small amount of time he does.

Just in case anyone was wondering, it is impossible to change his diaper now! What should be a 45 second ordeal has now turned into a 10 minute job. As soon as you take his diaper off he is rolling away, arching his back and making a run for it. I think I'm going to be trying out those new Huggie Slip-On diapers and see if that makes it any easier because right now I dread each diaper change.

With Jake being gone I am planning on trying to stay busy with some DIY projects around the house. I want to paint our nightstands in our bedroom and possibly even build a sofa table. I've never worked Jake's drill before so we'll see if that actually happens or not.

I can't remember if I told you guys about finishing my second online class on September 1st or not. It was the biomedical statistics class and I got an A! I applied for the nursing program as soon as I received my final grade so now I am just waiting to get an email with my testing and essay date (probably late October/early November). I need to start studying for the test, though. I should check out our local library and see if they have any books on it.

Jake and I also bought a new (to us) vehicle since my last post! We traded in my Suzuki XL7 for a 2008 Mercury Mariner Hybrid. It is very nice and clean and so far it is getting great gas mileage! My old SUV was getting about 16-17 mpg and this one is getting 30 on average. When I am just doing city driving I can get upwards of 36 mpg and Jake said he's even gotten 40! When we purchased the car it came with a 1 month/1000 mile warranty from the dealership. Well multiple times now the entire cluster has gone out while driving. The first time it happened to me I was sitting at a stoplight and noticed everything on the dashboard turned off and my speedometer was stuck, but everything came back on within a minute and worked fine afterwards. About a week after that, Jake wanted to take my car to work so he drove to a friends house in the morning to pick him up and he said the cluster went out when he was almost to the house. When he shut the car off, it was unable to start and so Jake had to end up taking his car to work that day. At that point we decided to take the car into the dealership to get it looked at and of course, since it happens so intermittently, they couldn't find anything wrong with it. They had my car for a week and that's what they told me. Well, yesterday after dropping my mom off at the airport I was driving home on the highway and the cluster went out again!!! Before it had happened on non-busy roads and side streets, well the highway is completely different. Better yet, instead of it just going out for a minute like it had previously, it was off for 37 minutes total! Turns out, if the cluster isn't working the a/c in the car doesn't work either, so Jaxon and I were so hot on the drive home since it was 100+ degrees here yesterday.  This time I took a picture of the dashboard to show to the mechanics on Monday and hopefully they will find the problem this time. It is so disappointing to get a new car and you have problems with it within a week of purchasing it.

Well, enough about my car rant. I haven't uploaded pictures from my camera for a few weeks so when I do that I will make another post with lots of pictures!

EDIT:: Jaxon weighed 20 lbs 14 oz and was 27.75" at his appointment on Tuesday. He did great with his shots!

Miss you all,
Alycia, Jake and Jaxon

Thursday, August 16, 2012

8 Months Old

It's now August, which means that it's the month Jaxon turns 8 months old. He used to be a little baby that I could hold with one hand and now you need both hands and ALL your arm strength to hold big boy up!

Jaxon has really progressed quickly the last month or so. He pulled himself to a standing position all by himself for the first time yesterday. I was sitting on the couch and he scooted over to me, put his hands on the couch and all the sudden he was just right there! He tries to do it with all the furniture now and especially when I'm on the ground with him. He is also cutting his 4th tooth as we speak. It's the top left tooth. You can see the white dot in his gums and I can kind of feel it, I hope it doesn't cause him much pain the next couple days. He has been drooling like crazy with this tooth. The past teeth he didn't drool too much, but this one he is just soaking his shirts and slobbering all over Mommy and Daddy.

Jaxon is also SO close to crawling. He can take a few crawling steps but then he falls down. He's had several head bumps the last couple weeks. Usually they don't bother him, but he's shed a few tears. He still loves to chase the doggies around the house. He finds them both to be hysterical. He loves Leila's tail and Lucy's paws. They're both doing really, really well with him so we are very thankful about that. Another thing that Jaxon has mastered is going from a scooting position to sitting position. He mastered that about a week and a half ago. Now he likes to wake up at 3 am thinking it's play time and he'll sit up in his crib and hit the rails. We need to lower his mattress now that he can stand up! (making a mental note now)

A fun new thing that we have done is swim lessons!! I signed Jaxon up and they are two weeks long. We go everyday, Monday-Friday for 30 minutes. This is our second to last day today. I was so scared that Jaxon would be the kid that screams as soon as we get in the water (much like he did at the lake or the baby pool we bought for him at the house) but he's done SO good! If I hold him on his tummy and put a little rubber ducky in front of him he'll kick his legs to try to get it and sometimes he'll use his arms to propel himself forward too. We also go underwater and he loves it. We count "1-2-3-under!" then blow in his face so he'll hold his breath then we take a quick dunk under the water. Only a few times did he swallow a little bit, but now he's a pro! He anticipates in now and holds his breath while I'm starting my count and he comes up from the water all smiles. It's so cute. We also learned to "jump" into the water. What he really does is sit on the edge and I count "1-2-3-jump!" and pull him in, but he still enjoys in nonetheless. I'm so glad I signed him up for these classes. They say you can never start too early with swim lessons and Jaxon is learning water safety all at the same time. It's been great.

As for me, I'm in the second week of my second online class. I got an A in my first class and hopefully can get an A in this one too. This class is called Biomedical Statistics. I haven't taken a math class since high school, so it's a little bit of a refresher course. In October is when I'll be applying for the nursing school and I'm really hoping I'll get accepted. But right now I'm really, really enjoying my time with Jaxon during the days. It makes me so happy to be able to spend all day with him and not send him off elsewhere. I don't miss any of his milestones and he still gets to socialize with other kids and adults when I go to the gym and he goes to daycare there. I can't imagine starting school next week like I originally was going to do if I followed through with the Kinesiology program. I'm also glad I didn't do that because we are still on the waitlist for daycare on Jake's base. We would be paying twice as much for daycare at any other place.

Speaking of Jake, he is still really into his RC airplane hobby. I believe this is the longest he's ever been into a hobby before. He usually changes his interest every month. I bet we have at least 10 airplanes in the garage. It's absolutely ridiculous. But anyway, Jake leaves to WTI in Yuma, Arizona just after Labor Day. He'll be gone until the end of October. We're really hoping he'll be able to make it back home in time for Halloween. This is a great opportunity for his career. There are only three other people in his shop with this qualification that he's going to be getting in Yuma. It looks great in his record for promotions and being able to stay in the military as a career. Oh, I totally forgot! Jake reenlisted for 4 more years last week. He signed the dotted line and is the Marine Corp's property until 2016, so yay for having job security for the next 4 years!! Minus the deployments and time spent away for training, the military hasn't treated us too bad. We're so grateful for the health benefits and job security that we get with the Marine Corps. Not to mention, Jake really enjoys his job, which is most important.

With his reenlistment he got 21 days of leave. Unfortunately he has to take all 21 days at once and we don't know when they "expire". We aren't sure what we're going to do. We really want to go on a family vacation, since we've never been on one (not even Jake and I), but unfortunately we have to save all the money we can to pay for Jaxon's daycare. We also thought about coming home, but we can't leave our dogs for very long and somehow we still spend a lot of money when we go home too. (cough cough Jake!!) hahaha! So it looks like we'll be stuck in the house. I was joking with Jake that this will be a good test of our relationship because we've never been cooped up in the house for that long together. We'll see how it goes and when he decides to take his leave.

We have Jaxon's 9 month pictures scheduled for Sept. 1! I'm really excited about them. I think they'll turn out great since he can sit up on his own now and he is just full of personality. I'll be sure to post copies of the pictures on here when we get them back.

It's been super super hot here lately. Like high 90's, low 100's for at least the last week and even the 10 day forecast still has temperatures that high. There's no end in sight! I'm so ready for Fall, sweaters, jeans, soup, pumpkins, the leaves changing colors and Thanksgiving dinner!!!  :)

I hope everyone back home is doing well. We miss you guys soooo sooo soo much and wish we could visit more often. Luckily, my mom will be here in a few weeks and my dad and Debi will be here in October. They'll have to send back Jaxon love to everyone else.

Here are some pictures to hold you over until next time you get to see little man:

Getting ready to crawl

Playing the "drums"

Lucy! Why can't I get you?


Mommy lets me play with my food

Splashing in my squash

Nakey baby

Daddy, do you have milk too?

Getting ready for swim lessons

Pretty blue eyes

I'm handsome and I know it.

My first time pulling myself up!

Love you all,
Jake, Alycia and Jaxon

Sunday, July 29, 2012

7.5 Months

Well, it's been a very long time since my last update. A lot has happened in the last 3 weeks!

Jaxon turned 7 months old on the 14th. He is such a big boy now! He weighs 19 lbs 3 oz and is 27 inches long. Jaxon is exploring the house more and more everyday. He can get into absolutely anything! He loves Lucy's water bowl and goes straight there almost every time we put him down now. He actually ventured into the kitchen for the first time today. (I guess I should start baby proofing the house!) He gets up on all 4s and rocks back and forth. He also can get into the crawling position from sitting, so it really only is a matter of time before he's actually crawling instead of scooting everywhere. He finally started sitting up on his own a couple weeks ago. He also has 3 teeth now. His third one cut through his gums last week. He was a little cranky so I'm glad that's what was causing his discomfort.

I've been teaching Jaxon a little bit of sign language, mostly the basics like milk, more, food, and drink. He can't sign back yet but a few days ago he understood when I signed milk to him! It was so exciting to see him make the connection and be able to understand me.

Jaxon is SO interested in the dogs lately. He will pull on Leila's hair, grab at Lucy's face and crack up when he sees Lucy playing fetch. The dogs don't mind too much, but there are times they just get up and walk away from him because they're tired of their paws being touched or Jaxon screeching in their face. (As I type this Jaxon is scooting around chasing Lucy and Lucy keeps hiding behind the table. It's so cute!)

****Important Message!**** I just got word that my nephew Xander Michael Lester made his grand entrance into the world today! He was 8 lbs 6 oz and 20 inches long! Both mom and baby are doing great! Congratulations Alex and Donielle!!!!!

Jaxon had another laser treatment done on his hemangioma on Friday. He did a great job and I think it looks better every month. It is pretty much flesh colored now so all you really notice is that his lip is slightly larger and bulged out more where the hemangioma is. We are so happy with the results and very glad we chose this treatment option!

I have one week left of my first online course at National University. It's a class about writing research papers and such. So far it's going great, even though it is just a lot tedious work. I will admit that I'll be happy when it's over.

Jake has been flying nights an awful lot lately. He'll go into work around 2 pm and then come home around 2-4 am. It's nice because he gets more time with Jaxon this way, but it is messing up Jake's sleep schedule a lot. Jake will be gone to WTI in Yuma, Arizona starting around Labor Day. He went to this back in 2009. It's about 3 months long so Jaxon and I plan on making several trips out to Yuma to visit Daddy.

Here are a couple videos of Jaxon:
Jaxon sharing a nectarine with Lucy

Jaxon scooting at 6.5 months

Jaxon laughs at Lucy playing fetch

Here are some 7 months pics!