Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Just a Minute to Brag

I just wanted to take a moment and brag about how smart my boy is! Jaxon has been saying 'dada" nonstop now for at least three weeks. He says 'baba' and 'dada' but it's amazing that he knows WHO dada is even though Jake has been gone for the last three weeks. We have pictures in our staircase of Jake, I and the family. Every single time we go up or down the stairs Jaxon points at a couple pictures with Jake in them and says 'dada'! And he puts his finger right on Jake's body or his face when he says it. I'll have to try and video record it sometime so you can see how smart he is! When Jax and I picked Jake up yesterday Jaxon was all smiles and started saying dada right away! It melted my heart. :)

Another thing to add to my list of things to brag about is this:

Jax and I were playing with the tennis ball about a week ago and he accidentally rolled it under the chair. He bent down, looked under the chair to see if he could see it. He reached his little arm underneath as far as he could, but couldn't quite get the ball. To my amazement, he sat up, turned around the crawled to this white Wii baseball bat. He grabbed it, took it over to the chair, stuck it under the couch and swung it back and forth and hit the ball from under the chair (with a little spotting help from Leila). I swear, I didn't give him any hints as to how to do that, I don't think he's even seen me do that before. When I finally realized what he was doing, I had to grab the camera to capture this because I knew no one would believe me. We have a mini Albert Einstein on our hands!

And lastly, Jaxon figured out how to fit through Leila's hole in the baby gate so now he just tries to climb up the stairs any chance he gets. He's so sneaky!!

Here are some pictures I took of Jaxon when he turned 10 months old and a little before then since I've been slacking on adding photos. I'll add some later of Halloween and Jaxon painting his pumpkin, which we're doing tonight!!  :)

I am 10 months old!!!

He seriously has the prettiest blue eyes ever!

Hope you all enjoyed the update! Talk to you soon! Love you!

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