Friday, May 13, 2011

8 weeks down, 32 more to go!!

Wow! Can you believe it? 8 weeks along already!! Our little blueberry is now the size of a raspberry, or a kidney bean, whichever you prefer. I think a raspberry sounds much cuter. Anyway, our little raspberry has more defined facial features this week with an upper lip forming, his cute little button nose and eyelids that almost cover his eye. His fingers and toes aren't so webbed anymore, all the better for him to wrap mommy and daddy around his little finger! His knee, wrist and elbow joints are forming and he's beginning to move around in the womb!! Too bad it'll be a while before I can feel him practicing karate moves inside of me. Primitive neural pathways are forming in his brain too, our little genius! 

I've been trying to keep my tummy from being empty and when I do that my morning sickness gets better. By now my uterus has doubled in size since our pregnancy began! I don't think I have that pregnancy glow yet either, they say that around this time in the pregnancy your face gets either really oily or really dry. Well mine can't get enough moisture! I can just put my moisturizer on and 10 minutes later it's dry again! It's kind of a pain, but hopefully that subsides soon. I haven't noticed my pants getting any tighter but if you look through each of my pictures my belly has definitely grown, so I don't know what's going on there!

I was thinking last night about how I'm going to be between 7-8 months pregnant at Jake's Marine Corps Ball this year. I don't know if they'll have a dress that'll fit me by then! hahahah

Speaking of Jake, he's doing really well in North Carolina. He goes fishing almost everyday and he has been reading a lot, both about baby and also a series he enjoys. He finished one of his classes yesterday and so next week hopefully he'll be doing more hands on stuff with his new helicopter instead of all the bookwork. We talk about how we can't wait to come home in August! It'll be so nice to see everyone again. 

comparing this picture to last weeks', there isn't much difference but it looks like my belly is filling out around my hip bones! They say if you're carrying them low it's a BOY! But we still have a long ways to find that out.

love you all!!!!!!


  1. Blueberry, I can see you are growing in mommy's tummy! I am glad you are telling her to eat more often so you both feel better. Soon she will have her first doctor appt and I want you to be on your best behavior!

    Love you,

  2. Mom,

    You gotta call him raspberry now!! :)