Friday, May 27, 2011

10 Weeks

Yay! We've made it to 10 weeks!! Our little grape has grown to the size of a kiwi this week! He's now an inch and a half long and weighs less than .25 ounces!! This week he is officially a fetus and no longer an embryo which means the most important parts of development have already taken place. All the tissues and organs will now be rapidly growing and maturing. He even is beginning to have little finger and toenails grow and his body will be covered in the peach-like fuzz. Our sweet little baby also has wrist and ankle joints forming and he's moving around like crazy in my belly. It won't be until 15-20 weeks when I'll be able to feel him, but that's only 5 weeks away!!

I had my very first doctor's appointment on Tuesday the 24th. All I did was meet with a nurse and she input all my information into the computer system and then I had urine and blood tests done. You know when they draw you blood they fill up those little tubes? Well I had to fill up SEVEN of them!! I was 2 seconds away from completely being passed out when he pulled the needle out of my arm. On tube #3 I was already light headed and the man told me that we were "almost done and to hang on." It was not a pleasant experience. I even ate breakfast and everything, I think it was because I have lower blood pressure. This also happened in high school when I attempted to donate blood. But I have some great news! The first ultrasound is Tuesday May 31. At this appointment I'll finally be able to see the baby and listen to the heartbeat. I can't believe it's only a few days away. I really wish Jake could be here for it though. We're going to try to Skype during it or I'll at least record it and send it to him.

This past week I've been living off of fruit and Wheaties cereal. A bowl of Wheaties actually sounds really good right now, even though that's what I had for breakfast. hahah!

My belly is definitely growing. My pants all still fit fine, it's more in my shirts where you can see I've got a little something happening. Even though I just look kinda chubby right now instead of pregnant I try not to mind it so much, I've got a baby inside me for pete's sake!   :)

Here is the picture I took this morning. I feel huge already so maybe we do have multiples growing inside!!  ;)

I can't wait until Tuesday to upload the ultrasound pictures for everyone.

We love you all,

Mommy, Daddy and Baby L

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  1. Dear lil Kiwi,

    Thanks for keeping mommy strong this week with all of your Wheaties urges. Grandpa Rethmeyer would be so proud of both of you !! You are 25% complete on your journey into this world and in a few days you get to show off on the ultrasound so please do a couple of tricks for everyone to see!

    love you, Nana.