Friday, November 4, 2011

33 weeks!!!

Jaxon is hanging out in my ribs right now as I type this. Halfway laying down/slouching on the couch probably isn't the most comfortable for him so I bet he's trying to get me to change positions.

Well another week has gone by! Today I am 33 weeks pregnant with our son. It's crazy to think that he could be here as early as 4 weeks from now. They say that he weighs anywhere between 4 and a half to 5 pounds right now!! He's also over 17" long! His bones are beginning to harden in his body, except for his skull since those will slide and overlap each other during birth to make it easier for his noggin to come out. Also this week he's starting to keep his eyes open more when he's awake and he's coordinating his breathing with sucking. Over the next month Jaxon will still be putting on about half a pound per week and then his growth will slow after that.

Mommy has been feeling much better lately! I think I really lucked out because I thought for a while I had symphysis pubic dysfunction, which only gets worse throughout pregnancy until delivery but I think I had just somehow really super strained my ligaments and such because it doesn't hurt near as badly anymore to move. Although it still isn't the best feeling rolling over in bed or getting dressed, I'm not almost in tears when doing it like I was before. I've gained plenty of weight this pregnancy... I'm pretty sure I'm going to surpass the recommended 25-35 pounds since I've already gained 29.... geez that sounds like so much!! As long as Jax is healthy then I'm okay with that weight gain.

I had a doctor appointment with my new OB on Wednesday! It was wonderful! The clinic was very nice and the staff and doctor was very nice as well. I asked her about inductions since I'm afraid Jaxon is going to be a big baby. She said that since I've consistently measured big throughout the pregnancy that she'll order me an ultrasound to estimate his weight and if he is big that they'll induce me at 39 weeks or that I might have to have an elective C-section to reduce the risk of shoulder dysplasia. I really really really do not want to have a C-section if I can help it! But if he is measuring normal then she said she won't let me go past 41 weeks, so that means he'll definitely be born in December!! But I am very excited we get to see Jax one more time before he's born! Jake and I are also looking into pediatricians for him and we're doing our research and making sure we pick the right one for our baby.

The Marine Corps Ball is Nov 10 for us! I had a hard time finding a dress that fit my belly and was comfortable. I finally found one, the only bad thing is that it is purple. It won't match Jake's dress blues very well, but I didn't have a choice since it was the only dress in California in the size I needed in that particular style.... so purple it is. The belly picture I'll post this week is me in my dress, I actually took the picture yesterday, but that's close enough to 33 weeks. :)

Jake and I have our maternity pictures tomorrow! I'm so excited!! I couldn't find those vintage looking wooden blocks with letters on them to use as a prop, so I'm a little disappointed with that. I wanted to spell out Jaxon's name and hold the blocks and put them on my belly. Oh well, I know the pictures will turn out great either way!! Also tomorrow Lucy starts dog training/obedience classes! The class is 6 weeks long, so hopefully by mid December she is 130984 times better than she is right now or we'll have to find her a new home. She is still just too rough and hyper to have around a newborn.

Once again I rambled on for a long time. Here are my pictures of me in my ball dress that I took yesterday.

Don't forget to set your clocks back 1 hour on Saturday night before you go to bed!!

Love and miss you all,
Mommy, Daddy and Jax

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  1. I am so glad you are feeling better and that you have found a doctor you like, it only took 4 months! I will be seeing you in less than 6 weeks!

    The time will go by so fast with you both working around the house and getting ready for the holidays.

    love you, Mom