Friday, October 28, 2011

32 weeks

Holy cow! Can you believe there's only about 8 weeks (or hopefully a little less) until Jaxon arrives?! This pregnancy has flown by but I have a feeling the next few weeks are just going to crawl until his due date. Thank goodness I have some holidays in the meantime to help make the time pass by more quickly.

Jaxon now measures in around a little over 4 pounds and anywhere between 16-17" long. Our big boy is still quite the little mover! As soon as I realize I haven't felt him for a little while he'll start right back up with his dancing to remind Mommy he's still there. I felt like the past couple days I have felt him even lower than what I have before. I think he is starting to make his way down into my pelvis which accounts for most of my pelvic pain. His immune system is starting to function on it's own, but of course Mommy is still doing most of the work. And good thing too, because I've had this cold that won't go away now for over a week! I think it's starting to slowly get better though.

I did have a dream last night about Jaxon's big arrival! The only part I could remember was that I had to have him via C section and he was born on December 7 and weighed exactly 7 pounds! Wouldn't it be weird if those things were true?!

I'm starting to wash all of Jaxon's clothes and bedding today. I was going to try to have pictures up of his nursery by this blog post, but I don't think that'll happen. I guess you all will have to wait until my next update. Sorry!

Jake is so cute! I don't think he notices that I notice, but every single day he'll go open the door to Jaxon's room and just look in there for about 30 seconds then close the door. He's so excited and anxious for our son to be here, just as I am!

Jake and I have a lot to do this weekend. We're going down to the condo and cleaning it before turning it over to the property manager. We also have some water softener people coming over Saturday afternoon to test our water and just for letting them come over they're giving us a free case of water bottles and free lunch at Olive Garden, so you know I couldn't turn that down! And hopefully we will be 90% or more complete with Jaxon's nursery by the end of this weekend. I really hope we can get everything put away in the house this weekend too because I'm tired of looking at boxes everywhere. I also have to find a dress to wear for the Marine Corps Ball that's taking place Nov 10! I know Jake is thrilled to be going with me to do that.  ;)

I'm really hoping at the appointment with my new OB on Wednesday that they'll want to give me an ultrasound so they can see for themselves where I'm at with Jaxon's growth. I'm still measuring a little big on my fundal height so hopefully that'll give her enough of a reason to check me out. I am really curious if Jax is just a big baby like his daddy or if Mommy has just gained a little too much weight and that's why I'm consistently measuring ahead. Either way, I'd still love to just see little man on the ultrasound one last time before we can meet him in person.

Well I hope you all enjoy your Halloween weekend!! I'm anxious to see how many trick or treaters we'll be getting at the new house. I made the mistake of buying candy yesterday when I really should have waited until Halloween day because now I'm going to eat it all before Monday!  :-)

Here's a picture of my big ol' belly and my new dark hair! 

Love you all,
Mommy Daddy and Jax

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