Friday, October 14, 2011

30 weeks down, 10 more to go!

Today marks 30 weeks in the pregnancy! Can you believe we're only 10 weeks away from meeting Jaxon? Our little man is a little over 3 pounds and 15 and a half inches long from head to heel. He is still gaining brain tissue and making nerve connections throughout his body. If he were to be born now, he could perceive the world with all 5 of his senses, although his eyesight right now is about 20/400. He obviously can't smell in the womb, but his first scent (and one of his favorites) will be the smell of mommy and daddy as soon as he comes out. Right now there's about a pint and a half of amniotic fluid surround Jaxon, but as he gets bigger and bigger there will be less space for the fluid. They say at around 30 weeks the top of my uterus can be felt 4 inches above my belly button, but I'm still measuring a little big. In the upcoming weeks our baby boy will just continue to grow and develop until he decides he's ready to embrace the world with his presence.

As I posted last time, I was in the middle of getting a referral to a new OB doctor that is closer to our new house. I found out the referral got denied again, so yesterday I was on the phone all day calling all kinds of departments in the naval hospital trying to get them to "disengage" me as a patient. I think it finally worked, but now I have to go through the military base that's a little closer to our new home. In reality it isn't any closer than Jake's base is to our house but on paper it looks closer. The guy on the phone said he isn't sure if the new base will refer me out to a civilian doctor since I am still far away or if they'll want to see me. So that is what I'm waiting on now.

Yesterday was an exciting day for Jake and I! We finally got the keys to our new house!!! We met with our realtor and he gave us the shiny brand new keys that unlocked our front door. It was wonderful. We only moved a few things with us yesterday. We took Jaxon's dresser (since it came pre-assembled and we knew it would get scratched in the moving truck) and a couple other fragile items. We bought online yesterday new locks for the house since who knows how many people have gone through the house before us and it just makes us feel safer. Our front door lock is really cool, instead of using a key you just punch in a numeric code and it locks and unlocks the deadbolt. Cool huh? We also found out we'll have to replace a few sprinklers that are built in our yard. One of them in the front yard is so completely broken that when we turned it on it looked like someone had ran into a fire hydrant with the gushing water. Jake met a couple of our neighbors yesterday too and they seemed really nice. They both commented about how safe and nice the neighborhood is. Apparently there are two cops who live on our street too so that makes me feel extra safe! Tomorrow is our big moving day and we still have a ton of packing to do tonight. We got all the utilities switched over to our names at the new house and we're getting the cable/internet installed tomorrow. On Sunday our new couch and chair are supposed to be delivered too. The house will be a mess for a little bit while we sort and organize our things, but I promise I'll put up pictures as soon as we're done.

I haven't taken my belly picture yet for the day. I'll update the blog later and post it.

We love you all,
Mommy, Daddy and Baby J

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