Friday, October 7, 2011

29 Weeks

Today marks the beginning of the 29th week of pregnancy for us! Our baby Jaxon is almost 3 pounds now and a little over 15 inches long! His weight is going to at least double  (or may even triple if he takes his daddy's genes) in the next 11 weeks. Jaxon's brain is rapidly developing and is starting to develop some characteristics that our brains have. The grooves and folds of the brain are taking shape this week, making way for more networks and brain cells. Jaxon is also gaining more "white fat" on his body. This is the type of fat that you and I have, it's used as an energy source whereas the "brown fat" he was putting on earlier was more for body temperature regulation. Since Jax is more able to regulate his own body temperature he is shedding the lanugo that once covered his skin. He'll still have a little bit left when he is born, but most of it will be gone. Little man is also getting more and more cramped in Mommy's belly. He still produces some pretty big kicks, but I can tell they're getting a little smaller since he doesn't have as much room to fully extend out. Don't you worry though, he is still moving like crazy just as he should be!

Last night I had a really tough time falling asleep. Almost every single time I lay down I get heart palpitations for about two minutes, but then they'll go away. When I get them I have a really difficult time breathing- it feels like I can just never quite catch my breath. My midwife said it was a normal part of pregnancy, though. Well anyways, last night I laid down and my heart palpitations would not stop! So I had to sit up in bed and try to fall asleep that way. It took quite a while for me to actually feel like I could breathe normally and try to rest. Luckily I don't think this hurts Jaxon any because he was still pretty active when all of it was occurring.

So everything with the house is going really well. Our VA appraisal/inspection came out great! The house was appraised for $14000 more than what we paid for it, so that's wonderful! Our loan requires we get one of these done to make sure we don't overpay for the property, if it gets appraised for less then the VA won't allow us to purchase the house. We are set to close and get our keys on October 12!!! We will move all of our stuff on October 15! I'm just so excited to get Jaxon's nursery set up finally. And now I can start nesting and being a clean freak about everything in the house. I'm pretty sure I'm going to spend my days just sitting in Jaxon's nursery while Jake is at work.

I'm so excited that Jake gets Monday off of work for Columbus day! And then he will also get a 96 on Halloween because no one in his shop has had any drinking and driving incidents in a long time. (When they go a certain number of days without any incidents, they give the guys a Friday and Monday off...aka a help boost morale and have it be an incentive to not get in trouble) And that just means spending more time with me! So I love when he has days off work.

I had a doctor's appointment this week with my new family doctor located by our new house. They were all so great and nice! I'm so relieved that they turned out to be great. I didn't like my regular doctor in San Diego because every time I'd schedule an appointment and go to the office on my appointment day they'd never have me in the system for that day! But this doctor was great and she was super nice. I don't think she sees a lot of later-term pregnancies so she was so excited. She found Jaxon's heartbeat and measured me. She told me that they were going to put in an urgent referral for the OB doctor I wanted, but until it gets approved and I can actually see the OB, she wanted to see me every two weeks!! My midwife on base doesn't even want to see me every two weeks! So I was just extremely happy with how it all turned out. I'm hoping since I'll be switching OB's that the new one will do an ultrasound so they can see baby for themselves. I'm pretty sure with my current midwife on base that my anatomy ultrasound I had at 20 weeks was going to be my last one unless there was a problem. I hope I get to see little man again before he's born.

Well I rambled on enough for today. I hope you all are enjoying cooler weather. It's so nice to wear sweatpants and hoodies!!! Jake and I are going to be busy this weekend packing our house up!! Here's a belly pic for you all:

Love you!!
Mommy, Daddy and Jaxon

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  1. Dang! Does time fly by or what !!!
    I am 24 weeks right now. Feeling the kicks and squirms. It's awesome!
    We are having a little girl ! Kyra Lee