Friday, September 30, 2011

28 Weeks

Today I am 28 weeks along with sweet little Jaxon. Our little man is growing strong and healthy, weighing in at about 2 and a half pounds and approximately 15 inches long! He started opening his eyes last week and this week he can blink them. Other new talents of Jaxon's include coughing, more intense sucking and better breathing! One really neat thing they've found is that babies dream in the womb. Their brain wave activity shows different sleep cycles including the dream stage, or REM sleep. Jaxon will continue to build fat and build his network of neurons in the upcoming weeks until his birth. This sweet little boy has stolen Mommy and Daddy's hearts.  :)

I had my glucose test done yesterday. I won't get the results back for another week. They gave me an orange flavored drink that was sooooo sweet! Even a big sweet tooth, like me, had a hard time drinking it. Hopefully everything comes back okay because I do not do well with them drawing blood. Speaking of them drawing blood, my lady did a great job yesterday! I didn't get pricked more than once and I filled the tube up quickly! That never happens!! If I fail this one hour glucose test I then have to take the three hour test, which means I'll drink the orange sugar drink again and get my blood drawn every hour for three hours. I'll do it for Jaxon if I have to, but I'd much rather just have good results from this one hour test. Also at my appointment yesterday the midwife measured my fundal height at 30 cm! I had also measured myself the day before and got 30 cm, but I thought it must have been a mistake. But the midwife said that as long as I'm measuring plus or minus 2 cm from where I'm supposed to be then I'm okay. For those who don't know, each cm is supposed to represent how far along you are, so 28 cm = 28 weeks. I just hope I'm not measuring a little big because I have a big baby in there, like a 9 lb 15 oz Jacob!

I have great news though! I will be getting a new OB soon!! Since we are moving further north, I'll be too far away from the naval hospital to deliver there. I switched my primary care physician yesterday by calling Tricare. My new primary doctor is 5 minutes away from our house. I have an appointment with them on Tuesday, Oct 4 just to become an established patient. At that appointment they'll put in a request for a new OB for me that's closer in town. Not only will I have a new OB, but I should be able to get an OB that was recommended to me and be able to deliver at the brand new hospital that's just 15 minutes north of our house!! I'm so excited!! I hope everything works out. I've heard so many people in the Temecula area say that this new hospital's maternity ward is so nice and that they wish they could deliver there, so I will be extremely happy if everything works out.

As for the house, no new news still. The second inspection done by the VA loan people should have taken place already. The thing is that we don't get to know when it happens and we don't get to be there. We just get the results back within 10 days after the inspection. But as soon as that happens and as long as everything checks out okay then we will still be closing on October 11th and moving in October 15th.

I hope you all had a wonderful week and have an even better weekend!!

Jaxon must be hanging out a little higher right now compared to last week's picture.

This is what Jaxon looks like inside of me right now:

love you all!!
Mommy, Daddy and Baby Jaxon

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