Friday, September 16, 2011

26 Weeks

Can you all believe there's only 14 weeks left in this pregnancy then Jaxon will be here? I really can't believe how fast each week is flying by! Well this week our little baby boy is almost 2 pounds and 14 inches long from head to heel! All the nerve networks in his body are continuing to grow and develop more and more each day. He can hear pretty much everything outside the womb and startles when there's a loud noise. (I felt him jump about a week ago when Jake's alarm went off in the morning, poor little guy I think about had a heart attack!!!) He's continuing to build fat on his body and his skin is slowly not as transparent as it once was. He's practicing all kinds of movements in my belly. He really likes to use those little arms! Some websites even say that he begins to open his eyes this week. Our little Jaxon is really growing and maturing at a fast pace!

I had a midwife appointment on Wednesday. I know I complain a lot about the care I've been receiving and this is no different. I was in the waiting room for about 10 minutes, got called back by a nurse who took my weight and blood pressure, and then she took me back in the back to wait for the midwife. I saw my midwife for a total of 5 minutes! She asked if I've had any bleeding, I told her no but I had those contractions last week and she just said they were normal and dropped the subject. She then measured my belly, asked about my weight gain and told me I'm doing the glucose test in two weeks. After that she might as well have pushed me out the door because she made me feel like our 5 minutes was up and I had to go. With the huge rush I totally forgot about a few questions I had for her. So I left the appointment kind of upset, but unfortunately there's nothing I can do about any of it. No civilian doctors are going to take me this late in my pregnancy. Another thing the midwife mentioned was that she was going to see me in two weeks (and the only reason it's two weeks was because the front desk people messed up and didn't schedule my glucose test for the current appointment so they had to schedule it in two weeks) after my glucose test appointment she would see me four weeks after that, then four weeks after that, then two weeks and two weeks. I googled last night when most people start seeing their midwife/OB every two weeks in the pregnancy and it usually starts at week 28 and then at week 36 they want to see you once a week!!!! If I went to a doctor that followed those timelines then I would see my doctor another 9 times or so before my due date. My midwife only wants to see me 5 times before my delivery!!! Not to mention, it won't even be the same midwife each time. Oh well, at least I know better for the next time we get pregnant- I refuse to go through the naval hospital!!! Sorry, enough ranting about how horrible they all are. At least Jaxon is healthy and growing stronger each day.

If you didn't see in the last post, Jake and I are finally in Escrow on our house! We should move in my mid to late October! Our home inspection is this Monday at 3 pm. I have a list of everything that the inspector should cover, just to be sure that everything gets checked out. Luckily with the type of loan we are getting, we have to have almost like 2 home inspections. The second one is more of an appraisal, but he'll cover a lot of the same things the first inspector covers. I really can't wait to move in and get Jaxon's room all set up for him. I think this is the perfect first house for us. It's just big enough for us to grow into for many years, but it's not so big that we don't know what to do with it all. It also is move-in ready but has several different projects that Jake and I would like to do to make it more "us". But what matters the most is that it's a great place for Jaxon to grow up. It's safe with some of the best schools in all of California and there is plenty for us to do. I think when he grows up he'll be really happy that we chose this as a place for him to grow up in.

I'm going to brag about Jake for just one minute. He has been at the gun range all this week for work. Each day he shoots pistol and rifle from various distances and various positions and at the end of the week they qualify and get scored. Well Jake shot expert on both pistol and rifle, which is the highest you can get and I don't think he's ever scored below expert in his career in the Marines, but he got the highest out of his group in pistol and second highest for rifle! What makes this even more amazing is that they're supposed to get qualified once a year and he hasn't gone for over two years because he was always busy. Pretty much what I'm trying to say is that he's a top shot!

The other night Jake and I went on a Craigslist rampage and got a couple things. We bought Jaxon's glider for his room and a Dyson vacuum cleaner! And I feel like we stole both of them! The glider that we bought has an ottoman and the nursing stool attached. This Dutailier brand retails new from anywhere between $350-600 and we got it for $130 and it's in great shape!!! And we got a Dyson vacuum for $100 and it's practically brand new and works better than all the other vacuums we have. We figured we'd need a good one with all the new carpet in the house. Jake and I are pretty much just the best bargain hunters around.

Okay, I'm just rambling now. I'll update you all next week on our home inspection and baby Jaxon at 27 weeks!!

Love you all!!
Momma, Daddy and Jaxon

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