Friday, September 9, 2011

Another Week Closer: 25 Weeks

Pregnancy has been flying by! I can't believe I am 25 weeks along today. I think after the contractions I had last week, every week that goes by I feel that much better because that means Jaxon is that much closer to his due date. But this week they say that Jaxon is about 13 and a half inches long from head to heel and weighs about a pound and a half! Our little man is slowly gaining some fat on his body and is just developing more taste buds and his sense of touch. He plays with his umbilical cord and sucks on his fingers inside the womb. I am to the point of my pregnancy where I am supposed to start counting his kicks to make sure he kicks about 10 times every hour. I already know this little man kicks that often, it's almost constant except when he's sleeping. It's so much fun watching my belly move when he moves- he makes everyday a great day!

My next appointment is Wednesday this week. I quit my Centering Pregnancy group, so now I see a midwife one on one instead of in a group setting. I think I will like this so much better. I also have a breastfeeding class on Thursday.

My belly button has almost popped out completely. I used to have the deepest "innie" belly button and now part of it is an "outie" and the other part is flat with my tummy. Only a matter of time before it's totally popped out.

Jake and I are going to go look at houses tomorrow up in Temecula. We're very excited to be looking for a real home for Jaxon. He deserves a stable place to live and moving every year when a lease is up is not very stable. I would say 95% of the homes that we fell in love with online are either short sales or foreclosures. The only traditional sales in our price range don't have everything we're looking for- they're lacking a bedroom or a bathroom or are very small. If we have to, we'll move into an apartment after we get kicked out of our current home and live there on a month to month lease until we can close on a house we really love. We just know that we aren't going to be pressured or rushed into buying a home that doesn't have everything we're looking for just because we're getting kicked out of our current place. I'll post pictures of the houses that we look at tomorrow that we like.

I'm not sure if you all heard about it or not, but all of San Diego and even as far as Arizona, Tijuana and Orange County lost all power yesterday. Jake and I thought it was a blackout scheduled by the electricity company and that it'd only last an hour or two, but we went to a friends' house and heard on the radio that it wasn't planned. It was a HUGE deal here in San Diego. None of the traffic lights worked, no a/c, etc... Traffic was really backed up on all the highways and side streets. The power went off around 3:45 pm and came back on around midnight. The bad thing was that it was a very hot day here. It got up to at least 97 degrees in our house. We kept the doggies cool by giving them a cool bath and not drying them off all the way and made sure they had plenty of water and ice cubes to munch on. Originally they had no idea what caused the huge outage and so they were predicting we'd be out of power until tonight! Thank goodness it came back on!! Because of the outage Jake didn't have to go to work today so he got an extra short work week since he didn't have to go to work until Wednesday this week with Labor Day.

Well, I'll update you all next Friday about Jaxon and my doctors appointments. I might add pictures of the houses before Friday though, so stay tuned for an update!

Here's my belly this morning.   :)

Mommy, Daddy and Jaxon

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