Friday, September 23, 2011

Third Trimester??

Hello again!

So today I am 27 weeks along with sweet little Jaxon Adam Lester! Some people say the third trimester starts at week 27, others say week 28... so I'm just going to say I start this week to make time go by a little faster.  ;)

Not much new development this week besides having a growing baby in my belly. Jaxon now weighs barely over 2 pounds and is a little less than 14 and a half inches long! He's continuing to put weight and fat on so he'll be nice a chubby when he comes out! (Oh how I love chubby babies!!!) His immune system is continuing to mature along with his lungs. Our little man is quite active at night time so I think Momma is going to spend many nights awake rocking baby to sleep and feeding him. I have to go to the bathroom at least twice every night and when I lay back down he goes seriously INSANE! That's usually when I feel his hardest kicks and punches.

Jaxon I think is now starting to learn Jake's voice a little bit. When he leaves in the morning he always kisses Jaxon goodbye a few times before heading out the door. And when Jake first wakes up he puts his hand on my belly and says "good morning buddy!" Well Jaxon must really like Daddy because he always wakes right up and starts punching away at Daddy's hand. It usually takes him a little while to go back to sleep after Jake leaves.

There's an old wives tale that say if you have heartburn during your pregnancy then you'll have a baby born with hair! Well if this were true then Jaxon would come out with a mullet!!! I get heartburn almost every single night and always take Tums before I go to sleep. But I don't think the wives tale is going to be true because both Jake and I were born pretty bald.

I'm in the middle of deciding whether or not I want to get a 3d sonogram of Jax. They do them fairly cheaply out here compared to what I've heard other people pay for theirs. Usually it is about 20-25 minutes long and you get a free CD of all the pictures and hard copies of the pictures too. But Missy told me that the baby really has to be cooperating to get any good shots of him. In the last ultrasound I had with Missy he just kept his hands in front of his face the entire time, so if I decide to do 3d he better be a wiggle worm so we can get all kinds of good shots. (Maybe I'll drink a glass of orange juice before we go)

That's all the updates I have on little man. I went a little picture crazy today so you guys get 3 belly pics!!!

here's a front view of my belly:

A side view of my belly:

And a close up of how big I am!!!

I hope you all are enjoying your first day of FALL! I wish it was cooler here so I could enjoy some hot cider or something.

Love you all and talk to you soon.

Mommy, Daddy and Jaxon


  1. That is so sweet that Jax and Jake have their own little communication too !

    You look absolutely beautiful,and I am so happy you all are experiencing so many wonderful feelings in this new beginning of your family.

    love you all, Mom

  2. So cute!! Actually there was a study done that showed that there was a correlation between heartburn and a head full of hair! Can't wait to see pictures of the little guy :-)