Saturday, November 12, 2011

Quick Update, 34 weeks!

Sorry I forgot to update yesterday.
Today is a cold, rainy day making it hard to get up off the couch and do anything productive.

Yesterday was our 34 week mark! Baby Jaxon now weighs a little over 5 pounds!! Holy cow that sounds like such a big boy! Nothing new is developing with him, besides his lungs mature a little more every day getting ready for his first breath of fresh air.  :) As my due date approaches I'm getting more and more anxious for him to get here. I almost want to sleep the next 6 weeks away (except wake up for Thanksgiving) until little man is here. I finally took pictures of the nursery, so now I just have to upload them to the computer then add them to the blog.

I've got a doctor's appointment and ultrasound on Wednesday. I can't wait to see little Jax again.

The Marine Corps Ball was on Thursday night. It was fun getting all dressed up and celebrating the birthday of the Corps. Jake was in the ceremony and swung around swords as they walk the cake up and down the aisle. I'm laughing now at what you guys must be visualizing with the description I just gave. It's really hard to explain, but maybe I'll try to do a better job. In the beginning of the ceremony we celebrate the Marine Corps' birthday. They have guys walk in with swords and they stand at the sides of the aisle and then they walk the flags down the aisle then the cake. After the ceremony we eat dinner and they open the floor for dancing. This is the first year Jake was a dancing machine... only because he had a few too many drinks in him. Add this on my tab of pictures I still need to upload to the blog.

Lucy has her second day of doggy training classes today. She has been a little extra obnoxious this past week.

The picture this week is featuring Jake! He is trying to stick his belly out as far as mine is, he definitely did not succeed.

But I hope you all have a great week!

Mommy, Daddy, and J

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