Thursday, March 8, 2012

Jaxon's First Trip to KC

Jaxon and I just got back home from his first trip to Kansas City. He did such a great job on both airplane rides, only fussed a couple times while he was hungry. Each plane ride was, of course, completely full. The trip from San Diego to KC we lucked out and had the only open seat on the airplane next to us! When we landed Jaxon decided to spit up ALL over me, but I'm glad he waited until the last minute to do so so I wasn't sticky and gross for three hours. On the plane ride from KC to San Diego he did even better than the first time. It was another full flight and we had a nice older couple sitting next to us. They both told me how good he was during the flight and commented how cute and sweet he is (duh!). :)

The hardest part about traveling with Jaxon by myself was going through security. I had to hold him, try to grab a bin from the ground and put my shoes and belongings inside. I also have to take out Jaxons bottle from a zippered pocket and along with my cell phone and put it in bin too. Luckily each time we went through security we had someone nice there to grab a bin for us and put it on the table. Putting everything back into our bag was hard once it passed through security's x-ray machines. It was just a lot to hold onto Jaxon and do all this at the same time since he is still so small to where he doesn't have complete head control.

When we arrived to KC we had an amazing greeting party waiting for us! Mom, Dad, Kyle, Missy, Grayson, Kensley, Grandma and Grandpa were all there holding signs up! It was a wonderful surprise since I thought only my mom was going to be there. We went to a McDonalds after getting my bags so we could all sit and talk for a little bit before going our separate ways.

Jaxon and I made our rounds trying to see everyone we could while we were home. He got to meet almost all of his family, besides a few from Jake's side that couldn't be there. We had a blast seeing everyone, but boy was it exhausting! It seemed like we were on the go every minute of every day we were there, but it was totally worth it. Jaxon was a trooper through it all and is such a good little boy!

I mostly wanted to update to post some pictures from our visit. Unfortunately I didn't get pictures of Jaxon with everyone he saw  :(  but we'll make up for it when we come home in June!!

here is a link to a giggle I caught on video::  Jaxon Giggling

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