Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Well we've finally made some progress on Jaxon's tongue tie issue. The ENT nurse who has been trying to get it approved for us said that she yelled at Tricare (our insurance) for not approving the referral. Supposedly the Tricare lady said she couldn't see why it wasn't approved in the first place so she told the ENT nurse to resubmit the referral and it should go through. To also help along the process I'm writing a letter to Tricare to appeal their original decision. With those things together, Jaxon should be able to get his tongue clipped.

Also, Jaxon has finally gotten the hang of nursing and we no longer need a shield to help him latch on! We've been shield-free for a few days now and we aren't going back!!

Finally, I have been doing a lot of research about the hemangioma on Jaxon's lip and found a doctor who specializes in them from Beverly Hills. I have emailed him and he said that he is going to take a look at some pictures of Jax and tell me his opinion on what needs to be done. I read that if the hemangioma is located on the eye, lip or nose that they need to be addressed and not take the "wait and see" approach like our pediatrician originally told us. If any treatment is necessary then they like to start it between 2-4 months, so I'm glad to be getting a professional's opinion on the subject.

Just thought I'd update real quick. Jaxon is hungry! See you all in a few short days!!

Jax and Momma

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