Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Well it's Valentine's day and also Jaxon is two months old today!!! Wow time has flown by!

Jaxon has had a horrible, horrible cold the past week. He has a very mucousy cough and he is so congested he gasps for air sometimes when he breathes. He even has projectile vomited a few times which has been very scary! I wish lil' man knew how to breathe out of his mouth and blow his nose, that'd make him feel 100x better! Jake and I are not very good at getting the snot out with the bulb aspirator. We've tried all the tricks; saline solution, sitting in the bathroom with a hot shower on, actually getting in the shower, and a vaporizer! Nothing is helping his congestion at all so we're just waiting it out. And on top of that, he has an ear infection that we found out about on Sunday night/Monday morning. I took him to urgent care at 11 pm, didn't get out of there until 2:30 and by the time I waited on his prescription, it was 3 am when I got back home. I was one very tired Momma, especially since Jaxon didn't nap that day until 3!! And unfortunately I caught the bug that Jaxon has so now we're both sick. Poor Jake tries to take care of us when he gets home from work, but there's not much he can do. We feel so helpless with Jaxon because we want him to be better so badly but we just have to let the cold take it's course and let his immune system fight it.

Since Jaxon is now two months old he is so much more interactive with us! He smiles when you talk to him and coo's when you coo at him. We're still waiting on him to giggle. He can also roll over from tummy to back, but he's only done that a few times. He loves to blow bubbles with his mouth when he's asleep. He still sleeps through the night from about 10pm 'til 4 or 5am sometimes.

Jaxon has his two month check up on Thursday the 16th. He was supposed to get his vaccinations then too but since he'll be on his antibiotics for his ear infection he can't get them. He will get the shots in March.

Jaxon and I are happy to say that we'll be visiting home in a couple weeks! Jake has some training he'll be gone for so Jaxon and I thought we'd take advantage and go visit you all! We'll be home Feb 26- March 6! I am very scared about him getting sick again when we're home so everyone, please try to stay healthy! I am going to be a hand-washing/ sanitizer Nazi when I get there before I let anyone hold him. (I'm sorry, I just don't want him sick again.) I hope we get to see you all and Jaxon finally gets to meet the rest of the family and friends.

On Superbowl Sunday Jaxon got dressed up because his playmate and girlfriend, Holleigh was coming over to watch the game. I have added a few pictures of them together. Holleigh was born the same day as Jaxon, almost exactly 3 hours after him!

You'll notice in Jaxon's pictures he has a red spot on his lip. This is called a strawberry hemangioma. It's considered a "tumor" but really it's just a build up of blood vessels under the skin. This spot on him will continue to get darker and bigger until about age 3-5. By then the doctor's said it will shrink down and start to fade away. This is the best case scenario though. I made the mistake of Googling pictures of it online and found myself horrified. I have read that it can be removed with a laser, but doctors don't like to do that unless it's posing a breathing or vision problem. Babies can be born with them anywhere on their bodies. We didn't notice Jaxon's until he was about two weeks old and it has grown a little since then and gotten a little darker. I hope and pray that it goes away in time, but even if it doesn't he is still a beautiful boy!!

Well, I think that's it for now. I'll leave you with some pictures of our handsome boy!

Here is a link to watch a video of Jaxon cooing:  Jaxon Cooing

Practicing holding my bottle

Sticking my tongue out!

I'm such a happy boy!

Dressed up to see Holleigh

Holleigh and Jaxon

They are trying to hold hands already!

Momma and Jaxon on Superbowl Sunday

Just hanging out during tummy time. 

Blowing bubbles

I'm two months old today! Posing with my bear

He's so tall!

Jaxon and Leila

My cutie patootie!!!

Can't wait to see you all soon!!

Love you!!

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