Monday, March 19, 2012

Jaxon is 3 months old!

Sweet little Jaxon is now three months old! Can you believe it? Our big boy now weighs 14.6 lbs. I tried to measure how tall he is and I got the same measurement as the pediatrician got at his two month check up so I don't think it's right. Oh well, he's a big boy now.

He recently rediscovered that he can roll over from his tummy to his back. He has always hated having tummy time, but not he knows how to get out of it and never stays on his tummy for more than a minute. He's a little rollie pollie! He recognizes Jake and I now because he'll look for us if we're across the room or get a big cheesy smile when he sees us. It's so cute when he first wakes up in the morning and he just has a grin from ear to ear and starts kicking away because he's so excited to see you. Jaxon finally laughed while we were home, so that's a new milestone he has met within the last month.

Here are two different videos of Jaxon rolling over:  Video 1  Video 2

We finally started putting Jaxon in his crib in his own room. The first couple nights he had no problem but ever since the third night he has hated it!! Little man is fighting his sleep sooo bad! We just started having a bedtime routine for him to see if that'll help him and so far no luck. We take him upstairs, change his diaper, swaddle him up, read him a story while he has his nighttime bottle. He gets sleepy during his bottle and story and as soon as he feels his eyes start to close they dart back open and he starts wailing! His screaming cry lasts for about 5 minutes then he'll calm down and be wide-eyed for another 10 minutes then start to get heavy-eyed again. Once he falls asleep in our arms we wait a little bit then put him down in his crib. He wakes back up after we put him down and starts screaming his head off again. The poor thing has probably cried more in the last 4 nights than he has his entire life combined. His voice is now hoarse and you can tell he's just not a happy man. Every night I hope it gets a little better, but it hasn't. It took us two hours to get him to bed last night. My poor boy!  :(

So I'm pretty sure I got Jaxon's dermatologist appointment moved up to this week instead of May 2! I called the dermatologist and told her that there's no way we could wait until May because so much could happen between now and then. She said that they could put us in as an "emergency" appointment if Jaxon's pediatrician called in. So I made that phone call and left a message for his doctor saying that he won't be seen until May and I think its' starting to effect his eating so he needs to be seen ASAP. He called me back and said that he's trying to get us in this week. Now I'm just waiting on the dermatologist to call us back and confirm.

Overall, it has been a great month and I can't wait to see what Jaxon has learned by April!

Love you all,
Jaxon, Alycia and Jake

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