Sunday, June 26, 2011

Home Doppler Use

So last night my mom and I were finding the baby's heart beat with my doppler. The sound was soooo faint that the doppler didn't even pick it up and read out a bpm. I held it in the exact same position for a while and all the sudden it got super loud! Baby must have had his or her back to us and first and then turned around! It was the neatest thing! While you could hear the heart beat in a steady rhythm there'd be a very brief static noise randomly every 10-15 seconds. My mom and I figured that was the baby swinging or kicking his or her legs and when they got in the way it created the static. It was the sweetest thing. After a while the heart beat got super faint again and I kept telling baby to turn around (of course he can't hear yet) so I started poking my belly in different places and when I poked near the doppler he turned back around the the heart beat got super loud again! It was the sweetest and most precious thing in the world! It's just so crazy to think that there's a tiny baby inside of me moving around all the time and he's got the reflexes to move when poked and everything! Our baby is just so perfect!

I just had to share with everyone!

Oh ya, the heart rate was between 145-150. He's been at a constant 150 for a long time now. I think that's a good sign!  :)

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  1. Sounds like an another amazing week has flown by. And I doubt anyone thinks you're fat!! Love you Leese