Friday, June 24, 2011

14 Weeks

Wow! This week has really flown by! I think that's because my mom is here visiting, and it's so nice to see her and get out and do something fun every day!

So baby Lester is 14 weeks today! He or she is about the size of a lemon, about 3.5 inches long and weighs between 1.5-2 ounces. He or she is also sprouting hairs all over his or her body called lanugo which helps keep baby warm since he has no fat at all. He is also working out his facial muscles by squinting, frowning, grimacing, and they say if I got an ultrasound now I could even see my baby sucking his or her thumb! How precious! Baby is also now peeing out into the amniotic fluid because the kidneys are in full force. The liver is also making bile this week and the spleen is helping in the production of red blood cells. Baby's leg and arm movements inside used to be jerky, but now they are more smooth and controlled. Speaking of arms and legs, his or her feet and hands are half an inch long! I hope soon I'll be able to feel those little arms and legs move around!

So Jake and I are thinking it could possibly be a girl more than a boy now. We've both had dreams that we were having a baby girl. I guess it won't be too much longer until we find out- August is only a little over a month away!!

My belly has definitely grown a lot this week. I'm in the "is she fat or pregnant?" stage, but that's ok. My pants are finally starting to get a little tight when I wear them. I bet within the next week or two I won't be able to button them without being uncomfortable.

I had a group appointment yesterday. It's something new called Centering Pregnancy where small groups of girls (about 8-12) who all have a due date within the same month get together once a month with a midwife. We track our weight and blood pressure and get to hear the heart beat each time (baby's was 150 yesterday! She found it as soon as she put the doppler on my belly!) Yesterday our session was all about nutrition, next month it's about exercising while pregnant. The spouses or dad's can also come to the meetings. I had my mom go with me which was a great idea! She loved it and I loved having her there!

Here is my belly picture from this morning! I love the fact that it's only going to get bigger from here on out because that means our precious little one is growing!

Nana also bought baby some new outfits! 

Until next Friday,

Mommy, Daddy, and Baby L

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