Sunday, June 12, 2011

Call Me Crazy

Call me crazy but sometimes I get butterflies in my tummy for no reason at all. I can be sitting there watching tv and get them. People tell me that when baby moves that it feels like butterflies but it's WAY too early in the pregnancy to feel the baby! I'm also sure it's not the baby because I get the butterflies kinda higher up in my tummy and I know that baby is still in my lower abdomen.

Can anyone explain what it is I'm feeling?


  1. Gas bubbles!! I felt connor starting at 13 weeks and it just kept coming from there!! youre skinnier so it could happen but they say girls mistake gas bubbles for 13 weeks it didnt feel like butterflies it was like he kicked when you feel it lower in your uterus dont doubt yourself.

  2. Baby Lester,

    Apparently you are showing off already with some long legs and strong arms just right for running around, twirling and laughing at mommy. And the bigger you get she will definitely know it is you. I know you can't wait until daddy can poke at mommy's tummy and you will try and kick him right back!

    Love you all 3 !!