Friday, July 15, 2011

17 weeks

Goodness gracious! It's Friday already!!

Well today I am 17 weeks along with our little one. He or she is about 5" long from crown to rump, but if we measured from crown to toes I bet he or she would be at least 6" by now. Baby should also be measuring right about 5 oz- about the size of an onion or turnip. This week baby's cartilage is starting to harden to bone, although this process to complete takes a long time. Baby is also starting to gain a little bit of fat deposits under the skin to help regulate body temperature when he or she is born. Baby can also yawn this week, so we might be able to see that when we get our ultrasound done next month!

We found out this might be my last weekend alone because Jake might be coming home next Friday! But I won't be holding my breath.  :)  We are glad to finally have the date set for coming home though, that's a big relief.

As some of you may know, Jake and I received some bad news earlier this week. We are getting kicked out of our condo because the owners who we are renting from didn't pay the mortgage; so it is now a foreclosure. We wish we knew what they were doing with our money then! It's really sad because we were in love with this place. It was so perfect! Everything from the location, to the amenities, to all the upgrades... we pictured ourselves living here until we bought a house. And now the stressful apartment hunting has begun. We're having the toughest time finding a place that will  1) allow Lucy   2) has laundry in the apartment   3) isn't teeny tiny  4) is in a good neighborhood  5) has more than one bathroom  6) doesn't cost a fortune.  And it's safe to say that there is no place that fits all of our criteria, so we're having an even tougher time deciding what things to give up on so we can actually have a place to live in. We aren't sure when we have to move out by, we're guessing in like 2 months so we have a little bit of time, but the longer we wait the more unable I'll be to help and the more things we will have. But I'm sure we'll find something eventually that we'll be happy with.

I can't believe we'll be home in less than a month now! We can't wait to see everyone!!

If we could take a peek inside my tummy right now, this is what our sweet little baby would look like:  

And here is my belly picture this week! 

We're counting down the days to see you all again,

Mommy, Daddy, Jaxon/Evalyn

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