Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Eating Cereal

Well, I did finally end up giving Jaxon cereal. It was a big debate that I had back and forth in my head whether I should or not, but ultimately I chose to do it. Mainly the reason I did was because I wanted to make sure Jaxon was getting enough iron in his diet and since I always have a lower iron count in my blood I was just being cautious in case he inherited that from me.

The good news is... he loved it! I chose to not feed him the rice cereal since of the recent arsenic reports that have been circulating in the news and instead he got oatmeal cereal. I believe the brand is called Earth's Best Organic. Jax only gets cereal once, during dinner, and I feed him right after to make sure he still is getting plenty of milk. We mix about a tablespoon of the cereal with a couple tablespoons of milk and he gobbles it right up!! He does SO well with the spoon. I thought it was something he'd have to get used to, but he opens his mouth as wide as he can as soon as it leaves the bowl and is heading towards his mouth. I am going to hold off on giving him solids for another month probably. I want his little digestive system to be more mature than it is right now and to make sure he can handle it.

Of course we took tons of pictures of him eating his cereal for the first time and I took a video but for some reason the video won't upload. Just imagine Jaxon kicking his little legs in the highchair while the spoon comes towards him and he's kind of grunting at the same time. He's so cute!!

Daddy feeding me

Uhh, Mom... why are you taking so many pictures?

Okay, I'll look at you Mom for the rest of the time.

Mommy feeding me. She's more messy than Daddy!


P.S.- Jaxon found his thumb the other day and now sucks on it when he gets sleepy. It's pretty cute!!

Hope you enjoyed these funny pictures!

Mommy, Daddy, Jax

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  1. Such a cutie! I remember looking at your blog before we both had our babies.. Now there old! LOL
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