Monday, May 14, 2012

5 Months Old

Can you believe my little boy is 5 months old today? That means in a month he'll already be half a year old!! It really is true that time passes by way too quickly.

Jaxon went to the doctors today and he weighed 17.12 lbs. Can you say big boy?! Despite never getting his tongue tie fixed, he is still gaining weight like he should be and that makes me so happy!

Other great news, Jaxon finally rolled from his back to his belly. He did it for the first time in his crib and has become quite the rolly polly during bedtime. He'll do complete circles in his crib, roll around, put his butt up in the air... you name it, he does it! But this means that he is now a tummy sleeper and even though babies are supposed to sleep on their backs there is no way we can force him to do so anymore. For a few days before he could roll over he would sleep on his side but once he rolled all the way to his tummy he refuses to sleep any other way. Thank goodness for the video monitor!

So we can add rolling back to belly, finding his feet, finding his thumb and starting cereal to his 5 month milestones! What a big boy, huh?

I had a great first Mother's Day yesterday. Jake made me breakfast in bed, I got a couple gifts and then he made me a yummy filet and lobster tail dinner! It was delicious! I hope all you other Mommy's had a great day as well. I wish I could have been with my mom on this special day, but luckily only a few more weeks and I can see her and the rest of my family and friends!!!

I haven't taken Jaxon's 5 month pictures yet, so I'll do that once he wakes up from his nap. I'll upload those pictures later.

Here is a video of Jaxon rolling back to belly!

The countdown is on! See you all soon!!

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