Saturday, August 27, 2011

Jaxon's Things

As I said in my post yesterday, Jake and I have bought a lot of stuff for Jaxon since we've been back in San Diego. I wanted to show you all some of the stuff we bought for him so here's the pictures!

This is Jaxon's bedding:

Jaxon's crib:

Jaxon's dresser/changing table station:

Jaxon's jumperoo:

Jaxon's play mat:

Jaxon's swing:

Jaxon's travel system (stroller and matching car seat): We aren't sold on the brown and blue. The other color we're thinking about getting is the gray/blue one pictured below. Which do you guys like better???

Well, there you have it. We've got pretty much all the bigger stuff Jaxon will need when he arrives! I will add pictures of his nursery when we move and it's all set up! I can't wait to show you all!

Love you!!!!

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  1. BAHAHAHAHA okay I find this very funny. We have that swing, jumperoo, play mat, and travel system. HAHA! We loved it all too :-)