Friday, August 5, 2011

Halfway there, Little One!!

Is it me or has the first half of pregnancy flown by? It seems like not too long ago Jake and I found out we were pregnant. We've got a very busy second half of pregnancy ahead of us, so that should make time pass by quickly.

Wow, 20 weeks! Our precious little baby is now over 10 ounces and 6 and a half inches long! The first 20 weeks they measure baby's length from the top of his head to his rump because his legs are always curled up, but from here on out they measure baby's length from head to tippy toe. So measuring baby more accurately, from head to toe, he is about 10 inches long!!! No wonder I can feel him all the time! When you're at the grocery store go grab a large banana and that'll be about the size of baby this week. I've learned that this week baby has developed taste buds. Everything that I eat he or she can taste also, so they say to eat a wide variety of foods so after baby is born then they'll be more likely to try different foods because they will have already been exposed while in utero. Baby can taste all these foods by swallowing the amniotic fluid and as we know, with consumption comes waste. This little one is already working on his first dirty diaper for Daddy to change at the hospital. Meconium is accumulating slowly in his digestive tract and will arrive shortly after birth. Also this week I have began to notice some of baby's sleep/wake cycles. Our little one sleeps more than 14 hours a day, just like a newborn, but mommy loves when baby's awake and playing in her belly! And finally, baby's sense of hearing is becoming so in tune that if he hears a loud noise, he will cover his ears! Mommy's got a little genius in her belly!

Jake and I did a few of the different old wives tales last night to guess the sex of our baby. Here are the results:

Heart rate: Boy
Cravings: Could be either!  :)
Baking Soda Test: Girl
Chinese Gender Chart: Girl
Ring Test: Boy

So it's really up in the air as to what this little one is! I can't believe the ultrasound is only a few days away and then we all get to find out in 8 days!!!!

Jake was able to go with me to my Centering Pregnancy Group appointment on Wednesday. He thought it was a little strange at first, but towards the end I think he enjoyed it a little. We had a masseuse come and give us mini shoulder massages and then show us some exercises to help with back and hip pain. And the remainder of the time we talked about all the possible discomforts of pregnancy. Baby's heartbeat was in the high 130s-140 bpm and sounded very strong! And I'm 3 lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight! My next group appointment is Sept 15.

And finally, here is my belly picture this week. I've never felt more comfortable in my own body than I do being pregnant!

We can't wait to see you all. We will drive extra extra safe on our way to Kansas City, we've got precious cargo on board, and I'm not talking about Lucy!  ;)  I will update the blog when we return home from our trip! We love you all so much!

Mommy, Daddy and Baby Lester

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