Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Jaxon is going to be a BIG BROTHER! Yes, as a surprise to us all, God has blessed us with another bun in the oven. We found out the night of my last blog post, but have been keeping it a secret until we knew baby was healthy and doing well. I'm currently 12 weeks pregnant, as of Monday. I've had one OB appointment and little one has a strong heart beat and looked great during a quick ultrasound. The baby is measuring a full week behind, which is okay. The doctors aren't wanting to change my due date though, so September 2 (or probably earlier) we will be expecting the arrival of a little brother or sister.

Speaking of brother or sister, I'm pretty sure this baby is a boy. So far everything with this pregnancy has been really similar to when I was pregnant with Jaxon. I even crave the same foods: Wheaties and oranges. Yumm! Excuse me while I go fix myself another bowl of cereal. The only thing that has been any different this time around is that I have been breaking out on my face like a teenage boy. I have about the same amount of nausea this time, but I have actually thrown up once this time. So who knows, maybe I am just one of those lucky people who don't really get sick during pregnancy and I am actually having a girl! Jake and I are getting an early elective ultrasound done right before Jake leaves for Yuma, AZ. I'll be 14.5 weeks along during the ultrasound so we're hoping they'll be able to tell us the sex of the baby.

Speaking of Jake, he's going back to Yuma, AZ for WTI in early March. He'll be gone for 7-8 weeks again, but he's hoping he'll be able to come home for Easter weekend and I'm sure Jaxon and I will go out there to visit him again. The new baby will change our orders to Okinawa. It seems like the date we will have to leave is getting pushed back and we're hoping it'll be after the holidays. We are still trying to get our orders cancelled in all though, but so far it's not looking like that's going to happen. We'll be sure to keep you updated on everything.

Now onto big brother Jaxon!! He is growing like a weed! I'm guessing he weighs about 24-25 pounds but I'm not sure how tall he is. He is finally WALKING too! He is almost done crawling 100% but every once in a while he'll fall when he walks then just continue to his destination by crawling. He's already trying to run and we have to constantly remind him to slow down or he's really going to hurt himself. He already loves his baby sibling so much too. We can ask him where his baby is and he'll rub his belly. We'll then ask him, "Where is Mommy's baby?" and he'll kiss my belly and lay his head down on it. He's so stinkin' cute! He is still babbling away and talks all the time. He says dada, mama, bye bye and ni-ni (for night night). He still calls many things dada consistently too, like the doggies are both 'da' or 'dada' and he likes to dip his food into ranch, bbq sauce, ketchup, etc... and he calls the dipping sauce 'dada' too. He understands so much of what we say it's crazy. "Hey Jaxon, go let Lucy inside" and he'll walk over to the door where he can see Lucy on the other side and bang on it trying to let her in. We are very proud of the little boy he is becoming and the BIG personality he has already.

I'm sorry I don't update as often as I used to. It's hard work keeping up with Jaxon, taking college classes and keeping the house looking decent with the dogs and toddler. I'll try and do my best to keep you all in the loop through the blog.

Talk to you all soon,

Mommy, Daddy, Jaxon and Baby


  1. Congratulations !! I am excited to read and follow how this new jelly bean grows.

    Love you all 4, Nana !!