Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Well technically it isn't Father's Day yet, but we'll be traveling on Sunday the 17th. Jaxon and I already gave Jake his gift and it was a big hit! Jaxon got Daddy a new electric razor since he's been needing a new one for well over a year now. I pretty much got a fantastic deal on it too! I walked away paying half price for it using the store's sale price, a manufacturers coupon and they also gave a $30 mail in rebate. Score! Jaxon also made Jake a cute card! I'll post pictures of it below!

It'll be nice spending a couple hours of the day with our Dads on Father's Day. Since we live so far away we usually aren't home for these holidays.

Well, I hope all you Father's out there have a great day next Sunday! And here's to a special Father's Day to Jake, my dad and my father-in-law!

We traced one of Jake's shoes then cut it out from a piece of scrapbook paper. Then painted the bottom of Jaxon's foot and stamped in on plain printer paper. Cute, huh?

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